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Leading Through Relationship Barriers

If it feels wrong then something needs to change.Whether you’ve felt it for a week or years, that feeling can weigh you down. Let’s change that.Instead of placing blame, learn how to have conversations to overcome barriers that lead to healthier relationships, stronger bonds and meaningful interactions with family, friends and co-workers—those in our lives who we want to respond to in a meaningful way that doesn’t compromise.
Workshop take-aways:
Buisness Event workshop
  • How to best address problems and issues
  • Overcoming fear and concerns with difficult situations
  • Enhanced problem solving
  • Dealing with problematic individuals
  • Relationship enhancement

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Taming the Human Side of Leadership

Momentum on a high-profile roll-out suddenly decreases. The behavior of an “inhibitor” jeopardizes
everything. Ask yourself: What conversation have I been unable or unwilling to have – that if I were able to,
might change everything?

Conversations are the work of project leaders and the workhorses of an organization. Practicing and
championing Strategic Communications companywide enhances employee’s capacity to serve as agents for success, structuring the basis for high levels of alignment, collaboration and partnership.

Workshop take-aways:

  • Discuss Strategic Communications skills-based modelthat drives results
  • Conversation techniques to improve the quality ofyour organization deliverables
  • Dealing with others and getting to win-win-win with results
  • Ensuring breakthrough solutions

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  • Have at your fingertips all the objectives for speeches and roles and;
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